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Root Causes Of A Leaking Faucet

Faucets are an essential component in every home and maintaining their good working condition is very important. A faucet that leaks do not only interrupt sleep and spike your water bill but also result in discomfort that may vary from aggravating to disastrous. 

A leaky faucet may be the result of corrosion, mineral deposits, or broken gaskets, o-rings, or washers. Fortunately, faucets that drip can be repaired by homeowners provided they have the necessary tools and the knowledge of plumbing works. Overlooking a defective faucet can make a simple repair to a complicated plumbing replacement service. Also, a leaky faucet results in a waste of more than a hundred gallons of water monthly.

Some Common Causes Of Leaky Faucet 

There are different causes of a leaky faucet. Here are some of the root causes of the problem:

Rusted Valve Seat : A valve seat functions as a link between the spout and the faucet in the compression system. The buildup of water particles can result in the valve seat rust, resulting in drip around the spout. See to it that you clean the valve seat with the assistance of an expert plumber.

Overused Washer : A worn-out washer is the most common reason for a dripping faucet. While using, the washer is pressed on the valve seat, and the friction can result in a worn-out washer. Then a leak is seen on the spout. Leaks due to worn-out rubber washers could be repaired by changing the washer. This leak can be seen in a compression faucet.

Incorrect Washer  Installation : In most cases, when the washer is not connected properly or is not the recommended size, it can result in a dripping faucet. We recommend hiring an expert plumber to assist you in installing the washer correctly allowing you to resolve the problem.

O ring Issue : A stem screw is utilized to grip the faucet handle in its position. The screw comes with a small disc connected to it, called the O ring. It is the essential component where leaking can happen. The O ring can become weak or corroded with overuse, resulting in the faucet leaking close to the handle. Changing the defective O ring will repair it if this is the problem. This issue occurs, particularly in cartridge faucets.

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