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The Culprits Behind Toilet Clogs

A clogged toilet is definitely one of the most inconvenient home troubles. While this is a common occurrence, never overlook the early signs. The first indicator that a clog is underway is usually a sluggish flush or gurgling noise when you flush. Seeking a professional plumber at the onset of the problem can help you prevent worse unhygienic consequences and effectively identify the main cause of the issue.

A blocked toilet is more than just discomfort, it can be unhealthy that can result in expensive repairs while can’t serve the entire bathroom. When you have a backed-up toilet, it’s essential to deal with the problem immediately, check the reason why the toilet is blocked, and take the necessary actions to avoid future issues. 

Hard Water 

Hard water fossilized to create a mineral build-up that is too hard to take off from a toilet. The problem with it is that it prevents the flow of water and waste in the system. A simple and quick remedy is for a plumber to utilize a special chemical to flush the toilet system. For a long-term repair, consider setting up a water softener to avoid build-up where the water is softened before it can cause a blocked toilet.

Stuck Toilet Paper

Excessive toilet paper is a common reason for a blocked toilet, especially when these papers do not dissolve properly. Plungers can often eliminate these backups, while toilet paper can mix with other items and create a bigger block. Major clogs will require the assistance of a professional plumber to work on the sewage pipes and eliminate the clog.

Leach Line Jam

Many homes with septic tanks have leach lines to weed water out of the tank and in the ground. The process can be interrupted when the leach lines get obstructed by mud or non-compostable items, which can cause a clog in the system. A professional plumber can clean the inlet after clearing the septic tank.

Flushing Non-Flushable Materials

The only two things that can be sloosh down the toilet, waste, and toilet paper. Some children seem to be enticed while seeing their toys splashing the toilet bowl and disappear down the drain. Thus, it is important that you should take the time to teach your children at home about proper toilet procedures. Also, maintaining the area above the tank clean can help prevent the risk of accidentally flushing other items. 

Identifying the common culprits of clogged toilets, as well as heeding the appropriate bathroom practices, can decrease the likelihood you are faced with this dirty and uncomfortable plumbing trouble. When your toilet is backed up, you may try a plunger and resolve the problem on your own. 

For major clogged toilet repairs, whether due to the toilet design or foreign materials in the plumbing system, you can rely on the expertise of Oasis Plumbers to get your toilet going with the flow.  

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