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Tools You Need to Unclog A Waste Pipe & How

We understand the frustration and stress of everyone when experiencing a clogged pipe. For some factors and reasons, such as hair, food particles, dirt, and grime buildup, clogs in sewage drain lines arise. 

If a waste pipe is clogged, you can stop big clogs that involve a plumbing professional by following a few basic repair guidelines and having the proper tools on hand.

Tools Needed To Unclog A Pipe

  • Vinegar & Baking Soda The solution works well on minor clogs.
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum A wet & dry vacuum is a useful household tool for minor to difficult clogs.
  • Pipe Wrench, Screwdriver, & Coat HangerIf you believe the clog is in the trap under one of your sinks, these tools are necessary.
  • Drain SnakeIt’s a long, rope-like metal gadget that coils back up in a small cranking case inside. 
  • PlungerEverybody usually has it, but it is just a temporary solution to what can turn into a recurring problem.

The tools you’ll need to unclog a blocked drain line depend on the clog’s severity. Chemical over the counter products will also clear out clogged waste pipes. They are not, however, suggested as a routine solution to what may become a recurring issue. The natural biodegradation mechanism can be affected by chemicals.

How-To-Guide In Unclogging A Pipe

The severity of the clog will decide how many measures it takes for you to unclog a drain pipe. One best way to reduce the odds of a significant clog to almost zero is to perform any of the following precautions. Since all-natural materials are used for the solutions and mixtures, they would not damage your pipes or compromise the system’s biodegrading process.

  1. Prepare the Solution

Apply one-third of a cup of vinegar to a metal saucepan, then sprinkle about one-third of a cup of baking soda if you notice the pipe is draining slower than usual. Let the solution stay for at least an hour, if necessary, overnight. Using hot water, flush the clean pipe. Once a week, repeat this process.

  1. Boil It Out

Fill the drain with a teakettle full of boiling water. Let it rest for a few minutes, and then apply vinegar and baking soda. Follow it up directly with another kettle-full of boiling water. 

  1. Blow It Out

Another best way to send a clog flushing out is to blow it out. Suck the clog backward using a wet or dry vacuum to clear out a temporary problem in a trap.

  1. Snake It Out

Hopefully, using a snake to brush out a clog in the waste pipe is the final resort. The method is a little more complicated but a lot less costly than a plumber’s bill.

Hiring a master plumber at Oasis Plumbers to remove the clog in your pipe can be the best and most practical solution you will ever make. It will leave you peace of mind knowing that it will be done effectively and efficiently. 

For all your emergency plumbing needs, including sewer line repair, clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, faucet repair, or others, hire our emergency plumber today!

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